With the correct approach, modern day sand and todays lob wedges having enough loft to get you out of the most troublesome bunkers, THERE IS NO NEED TO BE AFRAID OF THE SAND!!

To make the sand shot easier try opening up the clubface to increase the loft on your sand wedge and increase the bounce on the bottom of the club. Having bounce on your sand wedge will enable the club to splash in and out of the sand taking the ball out on a pocket of sand. Without the bounce on the club, the club can dig into the sand resulting in loss of power and inevitably leaving the ball in the bunker.

With the clubface now open, you will have to open up your body alignment (aim slightly left) to enable the clubface to aim at the target. From this point with the ball position slightly further forward, swing the club along the line of your body, not the target. Trying to enter the sand 2 to 3 inches before the ball and exit the sand 2 to 3 inches after the ball taking the ball out on a pocket of sand.

With these pointers try practicing in a bunker taking a discus size amount of sand out with your ball in the centre. Too much or too little sand makes distance control nearly impossible.

These tips should help you improve your greenside bunker shots.

Keep practicing!

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