Many people under estimate the importance of a good putting action. Considering the amount of putts you have in a round of golf your putting should be the part of your game that you practice the most.

Where I see a lot of people going wrong is with their grip. As appose to using your normal grip for your putting try moving the putter more into the palms of your hand which will limit the wrist action in your putting stroke. This can improve your consistency.

Start by placing both index fingers on either side of your putter grip, running parallel down the grip (picture 1). Overlap the rest of your fingers behind the grip just how you feel comfortable. From this position you have two options, you can slide your right hand down the grip for a more traditional right below left grip (picture 2) or swap them round for the left below right putting grip (picture 3).

The most important thing is that your putter grip is in you palms and your palms face each other.Try locking your wrists in this position and control your putting stroke with a rocking motion with you shoulders.

With practice this should get you on your way to a more consistent putting stroke.

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