One of the changes you should make to help you drive the ball further is to change your set up.

By tilting you spine angle to the right slightly you will alter your angle of attack in to the ball. Doing this will give you a shallower angle of attack. As apposed to trying to create back spin with a steeper angle of attack (ball will land and stop) with your irons, you need to create more of a top spin action (ball will land and run) with your driver.

If you thought of your spine when verticle is at 12 0'clock, tilt your spine to 11 o'clock, which will also give you a 60% weight feel on your right foot. Give this change a try and see if you can create a few extra yards without having to generate more clubhead speed. Opposite applies for left handers.

incorrect set up for driver
spine angle at 12 o'clock
correct set up position
spine angle at 11 o'clock

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